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Creative Capital Internet for Artists Workshop

Creative Capital Internet for Artists Workshop

Business Description

A Professional Development Workshop by Creative Capital
Presented by Create Denver, WESTAF, and University of Colorado Denver College of Arts and Media

Applications are now being accepted for Internet for Artists, a three-day workshop led by
NYC’s Creative Capital.

This weekend workshop, July 13 – 15, will help participants expand their online presence and learn to harness the power of internet tools such as social networking and media sharing sites, e-commerce, promotional websites, and blogs. Beginning with an overview of internet terminology and applications, the workshop will explore how these resources can be used to build audience, expand community, amplify marketing and extend administrative resources. Participants will develop a step-by-step, holistic strategy to apply online resources to promote specific career goals. Additionally, the workshop will help artists’ expand their thinking to quickly recognize and implement the possibilities of new technologies as they develop. The workshop employs a combination of lecture, small group breakout sessions and one-on-one consultations to help participants gain the maximum of personalized attention while encouraging community-building as part of the workshop process.

Deadline for Applications is now Friday, June 8th at 6:00PM MST.
Participants that are selected to attend will receive notification via email by Friday, June 15th.

July 13 – 15
Fri 6-9pm, Sat 8:30am-5:30pm, Sun 8:30am-5:30pm
Location TBD in the Denver Area
Enrollment Fee: $50 (includes meals)

Workshop content is valued at $625 per person!
Only 24 artists will be selected so don’t delay!
Your Vitals
* First Name
* Last Name
* Street Address
* City
* Zip
* Email
Website (if applicable)
* Creative Discipline
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Graphic Arts
Film/Interactive Media
Architect/Interior Design
Industrial/Furniture Design
* Employment as an Artist
UCD CAM Student
* Level of Experience
* How did you hear about the Internet for Artists workshop?
Create Denver eNewsletter
UCD College of Arts and Media
Word of Mouth
Tell Us About Yourself!
* Please provide an artist bio (150 words):
0/150 words
* Creative Capital seeks diversity of participation — age, gender, creative discipline, ethnicity, etc. Please tell us about yourself. (150 words)
0/150 words
* For each of the following activities, please identify which of them you have already done, would like to do or plan to do.
Already done Plan to do No plans to do
Develop a website
Initiate Facebook page
Initiate Twitter account
Sell your work online
Show at a local gallery
Show at a national/international gallery
Show at an art fair or festival
Receive a public art commission
Market to collectors or brokers
Generate a product line with your artwork
Author an email newsletter
Build a database
* Please list where you have shown your work locally — including galleries, coffee shops, fairs, festivals or online — in the past three (3) years. (150 words)
0/150 words
* How do you utilize social media tools?
* What are your long-term plans and objectives for your art career? How do you currently envision reaching those goals? (150 words)
0/150 words
* What Internet-related skills do you think you need to help advance your career? (150 words)
0/150 words
* Is there anything else you would like us to know about you or your work? (150 words)
0/150 words
Terms & Conditions
Applications will be reviewed by members of the Create Denver Advisory Committee and notified by June 15th. If selected, you will be assessed an enrollment fee of $50 and expected to attend the full workshop weekend.
Yes, if selected, I agree to pay the enrollment fee.
Yes, if selected I agree to participate for the full workshop weekend, July 13 – 15.
* Indicates Response Required

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