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Dooms Day Expo 2013 Denver

Dooms Day Expo 2013 Denver

Business Description

Dooms Day Expo 2013 Denver
Event on 2013-06-21 21:00:00

What Attendees  Can Expect To Get From This Show

  • OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! • Admission to the Doomsday Expo 2013 event is per person which includes keynote speaker events and our concert/live band on Saturday night.
  • COST EFFECTIVE • Shop more brands in one location than any other trade event or market. Our 3-day format allows for a cost-efficient, time-sensitive, effective buying trip and excellent opportunity to buy unique gift ideas.
  • INDUSTRY SPEAKERS • Stay current on industry topics and trends. The Expo offers over 10 keynote speakers, presented by some of the most respected names in the business.
  • FIND NEW RESOURCES • Retailers credit the trade show industry as the #1 resource for discovering new consumers.

Products on display include:

  • Gun and Ammunition Stores
  • Hunting, Fishing and Camping Equip
  • Metal Detecting Equipment
  • Gold Prospectors
  • Gold and Silver Wholesalers
  • Water & Dried Food Suppliers
  • Military Recruiters & Services
  • Medical Survival Training
  • Camouflage and Military Attire
  • Investment Companies
  • Preparedness Products and Survival Kits
  • Religious/Prophecy Enthusiasts
  • Extraterrestrial Enthusiasts
  • Off Road/Terrain Vehicles
  • GPS Equipment
  • Bunker/Shelter Builders and Manufacturers
  • Agriculture

at Colorado Convntion Center Demo Hall D
700 17th St
Denver, United States


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