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Huevos Revueltos

Huevos Revueltos

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Huevos Revueltos
Event on 2013-05-16 18:30:00

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver presents a new lecture series, Huevos Revueltos, which brings together artists, political thinkers and others on Thursday evenings from May 16 through May 30. The lectures are curated by Guadalajara-based artist Eduardo Sarabia, whose exhibition Tainted is on view at the museum from April 26 – June 9, 2013. To curate the series, Sarabia will be in residence at the museum throughout the month of May. Guests from Mexico will join him to present provocative evenings filled with art, politics and food. The series is part of a larger month of programming showcasing leading creative work from Mexico through exhibitions, lectures and fiestas. 

“This series offers an opportunity to introduce audiences to aspects of contemporary Mexican culture and art that might otherwise be inaccessible,” said Sarah Baie, director of programming, “Eduardo Sarabia is among the leading artists in Mexico, and it is exciting to have him in residence curating the lectures series.”

In conjunction with Huevos Revueltos, MCA Denver is pleased to present Revueltos Weekends throughout May, when admission to the museum is just .

Huevos Revueltos translates to “scrambled eggs.” Pronouced Oo-wey-bos Rey-voo-el-tos, it is the name Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros gave to MCA Denver’s Mixed Taste program when they began producing it in Mexico City. MCA Denver thought it would be a fitting tribute to title for a mashed-up lecture series celebrating Mexican contemporary art.

Complete Schedule of Events

Thursday, May 16

Nuevos Huevos
Contemporary Art in Mexico.
Artist and program curator Eduardo Sarabia discusses the state of contemporary art in Mexico with invited guests.

Thursday, May 23
Magic and Reality
Shamanism and Marijuana Legislation.
Monyca Bouras, a practicing shaman, speaks about mystical culture and Jeff London discusses the history of Marijuana legislation in the Americas.

Thursday, May 30
Tlaquepaque Style
Tacos* and Answers
José Noe Suro of Ceramica Suro discusses his Tlaquepaque-based ceramics factory while making tacos for the audience.
*Tacos included with admission.

5:30 Reception 6:30 Main Event
Program series (members only)
Individual tickets ( members)
Tickets for all the lectures are available on MCA Denver’s website.
Eduardo Sarabia (b. 1976, Los Angeles) lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

at Museum of Contemporary Art
1485 Delgany Street
Denver, United States

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