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Event on 2012-09-28 20:00:00
It’s The Perfect Time for PrimeTime
Bovine Metropolis Theater
1527 Champa Street, Denver Colorado

The suits and ties are pressed, Friday night’s best outfit is coming off the rack, and the slickest improvisational theater and sketch comedy is ready at Bovine Metropolis Theater. Their newest show has all the class of your favorite talk show and all the laughs of your most beloved comic moments. This is improvised theater and comedy at its height, this is PrimeTime.

PrimeTime tickets are and the show premieres the first week of September 7th at 8:00 P.M. It plays every Friday. Bovine Metropolis Theater is an improv organization that teaches and performs theatrical improvisation which is the art of accepting the unknown gracefully. For tickets and more information about Bovine Metropolis Theater, call 303-758-4722 or visit their website at www.bovinemetropolis.com.

at Bovine Metropolis Theater
1527 Champa Street
Denver, United States


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