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16Th Street Mall Denver – Downtown Denver Activities

16Th Street Mall Denver – Downtown Denver Activities

The 16th Street Mall Denver is a transit and pedestrian mall at the heart of Denver, Colorado, USA. The 2 kilometer mall runs from Union station at Wewatta Street to Civic Center station on the Broadway and 16th Avenue intersection. It is a very big mall with so many activities happening within it. This is a true pedestrian paradise in Denver that people of Colorado take pride in.

Downtown Denver

The mall is full of different activities suitable for all age groups. Whether you are somebody’s great grandmother or somebody’s great granddaughter who just joined kindergarten or a young man with all the adrenaline, you will still find an activity in the 16th Street Mall that you will enjoy doing. Ranging from shopping, sporting activities, entertainment activities like performances, watching people from the mall to even eating in your favorite restaurant in the 16th Street Mall, the activities are endless.

Street Performing

The 16th Street Mall Denver is famed for street performing. Many bands and musicians find the mall a very good place to showcase their talents. This has led to many of them getting recognized, just through their performance in the 16th Street Mall. These performances ensure that the customers of 16th Street Mall are kept entertained. It also gives the customers a chance to meet with their favorite musicians and band singers. Comedians, actresses and dancers also find this a great place to showcase what their creator gave them. Sometimes there are unique performers like the robot man who paints face, dresses in silver boxes and then starts greeting shoppers. As a matter of fact there is a theater at the mall where artists converge for their activities.
Sporting activities both for adults and kids are available in the 16th Street Mall Denver. For instance, who doesn’t enjoy ice skating? I am sure everybody enjoys that. Ice skating is available in the 16th Street Mall Denver and believe me when I tell it is real fun there. Swimming is also an activity which is so common in the 16th Street Mall. The visitors of the mall really find the swimming pool useful. There are also various playing equipments for the kids (and even adults!) that you and your kids won’t get bored whatsoever while in the 16th Street Mall. There are many other sporting activities.


Then there is the MallRide. This is a free transport service that carries customers from one end of the 16th Street to the other. Who else in the world gives you this? No one! This is a really cool service because apart from the fact that its free, you can watch people from the bus. Really cool.

Other Activities

Other activities in the mall are shopping, getting your hair done, getting your massage, eating your favorite food or ice cream, having a view of the wonderful place, partying you night off, watching people( this can be very interesting) and doing many other attractive activities.

16Th Street Mall Denver - Downtown Denver bus

16Th Street Mall Denver – Downtown Denver bus

The most interesting part is that many of these activities are available for free to the customers of 16th Street Mall. This is a mall of its kind that competes with none. Never seen one like it before. Wonderful activities that make your stay at 16th Street Mall an unforgettable experience.

Downtown Denver

16Th Street Mall Denver – Downtown Denver Activities

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